KG8ID Repeater

Fostoria, MichiganWe are here...

 Amateur Radio or Ham Radio Repeater on 443.450 +5

The system exists and is maintained for whatever communications transpire pertaining to

Amateur Radio and for Joe an I to talk on once in a while, Oh and there is some weather

stuff on there too.


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Get Started in Amateur Radio (Ham Radio)

Are you interested in getting into ham radio? click here

How Stuff Works - Ham Radio

" KG8ID Stack of Stuff " A collection of stuff useful and otherwise.

Preppers Ham Radio links

The Inevitable Death of Ham Radio - Story on eHam

Who's controlling your repeater? in Acrobat (pdf) format from ARRL

Paul Harvey speaks about Amateur Radio (wav file)

Michigan application for amateur radio call sign license plate
A tribute to Ron Ward (Ex North Branch village council president, Mr. Ward to you).

A wave file stating the repeater is switching to Skywarn Operations, this has never been used due to the music in the background - it was made just for fun.

CW Ops Whip Whippersnapper Text Messengers on National Television - Video Clip

Lightning incident that occurred on 6/9/2005 concerning W8ECG and the ARRL equipment insurance.


Email from Lily Stevens on behalf of the Maine STEM Club

History of the car radio - Thank you so much Nicole and best wishes in your studies...


Chloe Pedersen, Youth Services Educator has just wrapped up a fun radio and broadcasting class for a small group of 10-14 year olds, one student named Dylan asked if we would include a link (below) for others who may have an interest in telecommunications technology and its history. Thank you Chloe and Dylan

Telecommunications Technology 101: Phone, Radio, and Television



James is currently trying to earn his radio badge and as his mom Annie says "he is doing a great job"

We'd like to encourage James by adding an interesting link he has found, Thank you James...

All About Ham Radio for Beginners







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Some say "You guys have too much time on your hands" - we do not take naps... yet!

UPDATE: At 60 plus years old now we have started napping...

Disclaimer: I use the term "we" to refer to a single idea agreed upon by one or more persons, if you do not agree with the particular idea in question then you are not included in "we".

Five years of static, grey hair, balding, sleepless nights, useless

thoughts of sugar plumb fairies can be explained in one JPG image...

Have fun in Ham Radio


What's been happening by date:

01-22-2024 - Here we are in another new year, all the youngsters are now either digital or internet, hope it works out for ya. Oh and the link is dead, long live the link.

08-23-2023 - Where does the time go when your never using amateur radio and nobody else is either... it's a joke we just listen a lot...

12-20-2022 - Where's Roger? Oh and Merry Christmas...

06-16-2021 - No covid 19 yet...

10-13-2020 - Well here we are...

10-24-2018 - The yearly entry? Still linked to Lapeer repeater but apparently most users went digital as the repeaters usage is almost none, I have far more uses for my extra cash if any then digital radios, we're so sorry uncle Albert...

11-07-2017 - I never would have thought the entries here would be reduced to once a year but so it is, maybe because things work so well or the hobby really is dead or dying, anyways the repeater is working good, Lapeer link is working, still would like to have better audio levels across the link but it's ok, Roger is out here so give him a holler.

10-28-2016 - I tried to make a deal with RadioDan the big money man in trading the working UHF 100 watt amp we purchased new for over 1000.00 and an old 200 watter that needed repair for a quality watt meter, after spending the shipping money to send it to Henry amps in CA to have it tested (which it already had been had he checked records at Henry amps) the output was found to be down a little so instead of RadioDan the big money man making good on the deal and helping a fellow ham out, RadioDan the big money man could not make a killing from the deal so he backed out and then had the gall to ask if I wanted the stuff shipped back to me, yes I said, and the return shipping cost me again... I am not in the big money biz, just a lowly working ham radio dude trying to get ahead - somehow...

09-10-2016 - Link from North Branch to Lapeer is working well, at least there is more coverage and more activity, we have made many audio adjustments on everything,

we adjusted by the book and still had to go back and adjust some by ear, Clio NOAA was offline for a while and audio had to re-adjusted when it came back, we used the

actual audio and it it took a while and someone on Lapeer took offence with it and called me an a$$ hole on the air, I ID'ed and asked if he had traffic for the repeater - no

response, then I ID'ed again and asked for his ID and no response. I stated my purpose and continued on with my audio adjusting.

08-28-2015 - Back when I first got into ham radio repeaters you couldn't get on a tower anywhere, now with my involvement with wireless internet we have access to towers all over the place, we just raised a 150' Rohn at our original location, I was glad to be out of the outside enclosure, a few years ago mice ate my cabling and now this year ants destroyed my transmitter. Antenna is Comet CA-712EF and fed with 1-7/8 per Shyster.

09-08-2014 - Diamond antenna was shortened by lightning and analyzer showed SWR at 4, Joe KC8CEF climbed and installed a new Comet CA-712EF, so it is back on the air.

01-30-2014 - We are still hamming and we still have a repeater and it's still linked to Lapeer, amateur radio is still alive, never mind the IV or heart monitor...

01-01-2012 - Happy New Year, Notice W8ECG is gone from the top of this page, well I did not renew it in time and lost it, was upset at first but maybe time for a change, this week the call sign of the repeater will return to KG8ID.

06-18-2009 - Pretty quiet isn't it?

12-10-2008 - Lapeer County Amateur Radio Club annual Christmas party at the Countryside Banquet Center in Imlay City, the rowdy table (Hank Leading), The host table - Thanks for all your work, Chuck - The camera didn't break

07-21-2008 - Welcome to the new Amateur Radio Operators in the area, KD8JAW, KD8JAY, KD8JAX - congratulations dudes...

03-17-2008 - We (CEF and ID) have the highest object in the village of NB, pretty cool eh? Plans are coming together.

02-13-2008 - The new old repeater is coming together, it's fun in the lab and test environment, It consists of one Uniden Force AMU150K crystal controlled mobile radio as the receiver and a Force synthesized mobile radio FMU250K as the transmitter, the controller is a CAT 200, and the duplexer is a DB-4071,  we took a thermal control out of an old air conditioner and used it to control a fan on the transmitter, we built a fused common power connection for all the equipment. We went back to the books for logic 101 and found good pick off points for COS and discriminator audio. Working now on the remote base interface, Echolink, weather receiver and the weather station. Thanks for the advice from the big dogs - KB8SWR and KB8ZUZ. The rooster may crow again Fred...!

01-24-2008 - Update on the covert secret stuff - things are going good.

12-25-2007 - Merry Christmas, this an announcement of covert secret stuff we will be participating in. Just thought you should know.

Old entries to What's been happening - sorted by years, 1999 - Present.

Long Live Ham Radio

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Wiring Diagrams

CAT 1000B Controller and RLS-1000B Port Switch to Kenwood TKR-850 Repeater

CAT WX-1000 Weather Radio to RLS-1000B Port Switch

Yaesu FT-8800 Transceiver to RLS-1000B Port Switch

WIRES VOIP to RLS-1000B Port Switch

Programming Cable for Kenwood TKR-850 Repeater

AMI-2, WB2REM Echolink Interface to RLS-1000B Port Switch

Questions about these - contact KC8CEF (kc8cef(at)

MISC Manuals


Kenwood TKR-850 Repeater

Pyramid Power Supply PS52-KX

Yaesu FT-8800 Transceiver

Decibel Products DB-4071 Duplexer

Phelps Dodge 526-1 Duplexer


These are the specifics on the system


Questions or comments email

Send email to KG8ID


Pictures of stuff


PL1 tower installation - pictures

North Branch tower erection pictures

Finally - new pictures, 2006 - Thumb radio on the ECG tower

2001 SET, Simulated Emergency Test at North Branch High School

Tower pictures / 80Ft..., Tower pictures / 160Ft..., See the antenna going up...,

See the side arm go up..., Power to the Repeater...,

Inside the new Repeater Shack..., Pictures of antenna work at the old Deanville Site...,

XXtowers at the W8ECG Repeater site..., more work by Andrew from XXtowers...,  

2002 Dayton Hamvention as seen through the eyes of Pastor Dale (KC8RVO) and Perry (KG8ID).

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