dtmf.exe - (970k) Version, (screen shot) A quick way to format and send DTMF's to the controller,

added CAT controller time format, current time comes from your computer clock, to send DTMF's 

enter 0-9, a-d, * or #, hold mic near speaker, click Play. Adjust volume as necessary.


DTMF has expired 12/31/2012, download again for an extended expiration version.

DTMF will expire again on 12/31/17, it has been another 5 years, why do I do this?

This way I have some kind of control over the program so changes can remain consistent.


Version 1.13, ID2000 Suite (screen shot) is a ten minute timer that displays your call sign and alerts the operator when it's time to ID, New beacon function - ID can be set to user specified interval, New Look Now includes utc.exe (universal time clock), erp.exe (effective radiated power output), bandplan.exe (band plan covering amateur radio bands) and just added - SWR Calculator (calculates the SWR ratio from forward and reverse power) and Radio Horizon Calculator (calculates your station's distance to the VHF/UHF radio horizon).  New just added programs - Ohms Law and Harmonics Calc (Calculate harmonics from a given frequency). Program has limitations prior to registration see the file idinfo.txt for limitations before registration.

You must have an Amateur Radio call sign to register, I will email your reg # to you. After registering run the program downloaded from my page and enter the reg #.

Paypal 5.00 US to remember to include the call sign that ID2000 Suite will be registered to.

No Registration on the programs below, they are free.


My programs were originally designed and programmed for Windows XP, I and currently using Windows 7 and have no issues

using them, but be aware none of my programs have been tested on Windows 10.

Now the legal stuff; These programs and their documentation are offered without warranty of any kind. PCC, Perry Gwinn (KG8ID), makes no claim as to their suitability for any purpose. These programs are AS IS, and changes may be made to them at any time without incurring any obligations to former users. The entire risk arising from the use of these programs remains with the user.

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