Antenna's going up. Page 4

kc8cef-3s.jpg (4934 bytes)kc8cef-31s.jpg (2562 bytes)

Joe(KC8CEF) installing the 7/8 hardline.

ant-3s.jpg (3318 bytes)ant-31s.jpg (5281 bytes)

What's that sticking out from the Shyster's behind? Why I believe it's the antenna.

onatops.jpg (2609 bytes)onatop-3s.jpg (2320 bytes)onatop_closes.jpg (2910 bytes)

The Shyster waiting for darkness.

top_bottoms.jpg (4140 bytes)

Joe(KC8CEF) at the bottom and Shyster(KA8WYN) at the top.

ham_widowss.jpg (6799 bytes)

The tower widows.

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