Pictures of the new repeater site project

Guy anchor pit.Guy anchor and cement in the pit.KG8ID checking depth.KC8CEF coming to work.

Another KC8JEV self portrait.KC8JEV signing the tower base.The signed tower base - look it up...!KG8ID digging the base hole.

Fred going home after digging.KC8CEF driving a ground rod.KC8JEV trying to see the ground.KC8JEV digging.


Grounds in place.Grounds in place.Main grounding point - All grounds start and end here.Grounds in place.

KC8RVP instructing KC8CEF and KC8JEVAnd Again...Finishing the roofing.Repeater housing stained.

Early morning Fog - I'm talkin 6am.It's What Hams Do in a pinch...Side view of ham engineering...KA8WYN getting started.

Shyster making the turn buckles ready.Shyster series.Shyster's favorite cresent wrench...Joe's done caught himself a tower.

Make it fit Shyster.Joe hot doggin.Joe went up...Joe had problems.

Shyster to the rescue.Almost to the half way point.Looks higher now.80ft or half way and done by 11am.


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