Raspberry Pi Zero Temperature/Time LCD


                    The project:

                                I wanted to see actual temperature in the building where my dogs are housed and have constructed other

                                Raspberry Pi projects, I had not worked with the Pi Zero yet and was interested in it because of it's small

                                size to make this project compact.


                                I used the 1602 16x2 LCD Display Module ordered from Amazon (Link Here), and the DS18B20 Temperature

                                Sensor Module, also ordered from Amazon (Link Here) and a 3D printed case.



                                The LCD wiring is found here

                                Temp probe wiring and setup here

                                My Python code which is a collaboration of both scripts from above...

                                Auto start Python script on boot, I used method one, and used the "&" for infinite loop program.

                                These are the 3D case files Top and Bottom, printed on a Anycubic Mega X in PLA.