W8ECG Repeater in Fostoria. MI   443.450

What's been happening by date: 1999 entries

12-26-99 - Thought it would be safe since a couple of weeks had passed since the controller update had came out and have heard no bad news so I went ahead and flashed the EPROM with 2 files (ri3v112.rff and speech update.rff. Everything went good, no problems with flashing the EPROM. This update came with a new version of the programming software (1.12 (11.21.99)) which still will not send program updates successfully to the controller, went back to the old stand by, the first version of the software (1.10 (08.28.99)).

11/15/99 - We ordered and installed the Pacific Research Solutions RI-310 controller, "wow what a toy". We had problems at first with the smart squelch and had to send the thing back to California, we believe the tech fixed the controller and then told us there was nothing wrong with it, but anyways it works now and we are satisfied.. After reviewing the other controllers in this class, (Cat-1000, RC-1000V) this is an excellent controller. See the link above to see all the features of this controller.

09/05/99 - We originally had a Diamond X510 dual band antenna installed, we thought we had a bad antenna and installed a Comet GP-9 and then found we had bad coax, but the radiation angle seemed to be better on the Comet over the Diamond and the coverage area was larger.


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