ID2000 Suite - Screen Shot


  • Displays your Amateur Radio Call sign.

  • Says your call sign in female voice, CW or wave file at 10 minutes.

  • Beacon function, ID time can be customized to ID at anytime.

  • Font and color can be customized.

  • Contains 7 more ham radio programs which are limited until registration.

BandPlan - Covering all amateur radio bands.


ERP - Calculate Effective Radiated Output on your station.


UTC - Monitor local time and Greenwich mean Time.


SWR - Calculate a ratio from Forward and Reverse power.


Radio Horizon - Calculate distance from your tower to the radio horizon.


Ohms Law - Calculate Ohms Law, Tables contains a Feed Line Loss chart, Resistor

Color Codes, and Antenna Length Notes.


Harmonics Calculator - Calculate Harmonics on a given Frequency.


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