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These programs and their documentation are offered
without warranty of any kind. PCC, Perry Gwinn
(KG8ID), makes no claim as to their suitability
for any purpose. These programs are AS IS, and changes
may be made to them at any time without incurring
any obligations to former users. The entire risk
arising from the use of these products remains with
the user.

ID2000 is a 10 minute timer for Windows NT/2000//XP/Vista/7
that will alert you when its time to identify while using
Amateur Radio. It runs in the system tray. The settings menu
allows you to choose a wav file to play or to say your call
in a female voice or CW at the end of 10 minutes.
Now includes a beacon function to allow ID at any time.
This program is a full working program but forces you
to turn it back on every 3 times it ID's. Send me $5.00 US
funds, your name, address, call sign and where you
would like the Reg# sent (E-Mail Addresses are preferred)
I will send you your Reg# after receiving your money.

BandPlan is a program covering all amateur radio bands
privileges by license class. VHF/UHF can be viewed
unregistered and HF is available upon registering.

UTC is clock displaying local and universal time based
on the setting on your computers clock. You must register
to use UTC.

ERP is effective radiated power calculator to determine
output power based on gains and or losses. You must
register to use ERP.

SWR Calculator is for calculating forward and reverse power
into an SWR ratio, useful if you are using a Bird or Telewave
type RF directional watt meter. You must register to use SWR.

RH Calculator is for calculating distance to the radio horizon
for a VHF/UHF station. You must register to use RH Calc.

Ohms Law calculator - calculate all of ohms laws, also contains
feed line loss table in db per 100', You must register to use

Ohms Law program.

Harmonic Calc - calculate harmonics of a frequency.
You must register to use Harmonics Calc.

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See a Screen Shot of all programs...